Wednesday, 16 April 2014

We were all born very foolish

I was born very foolish. You, yes you, were born very foolish.  King Solomon said, 'Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child'. It is the responsibility of the child's parents (or foster parents) to take out some of the foolishness. ( I said 'some' because no one can take out all the foolishness in a child's heart). How will parents who themselves retain much of the childhood foolishness help to rid a child of much of the foolishness? The child raised by such parents has the task of ridding himself of some of the foolishness his parents should have helped with.
We are somewhat disturbed when a young man/woman manifests a level of foolishness that is expected from a younger child. Everyone of us still carries about some of that childhood foolishness. However the degree varies. I dare say that your success in life is determined by how much you have ridded yourself of the childhood foolishness.
 The process of departing from childhood foolishness is a path we all must take to attain maturity(wisdom) whether we had a great headstart with our parents or not.
Note: Now that you are grown you can't keep laying the responsibility for your foolishness at your parents' doorstep.

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