Thursday, 26 December 2013

The gift in the manger

I had always thought a manger as an animal house. How wrong I was! A manger is actually a feeding trough for cattle or horses. The most precious gift of all time was laid in the manger! So Jesus was not just laid in some place in the animal house. It was actually the feeding trough. It does not cease to blow my mind the fact that God chose to give the Saviour in such a lowly place. It was no coincidence that the inns were all filled up. God wanted it so. This points some things out to me:

  • The things of greatest value are with the lowly.
  • Things of abundant worth do not need extensive packaging. The value will still show forth. In fact excessive packaging may belie a content of little value.
  • Value is not always in the celebrated or well-known place.

It still blows my mind that the greatest of all gifts was given in a manger!


Wednesday, 13 November 2013