Friday, 23 January 2015

Unfortunately, I have a degree

‘If you don’t finish school, you will never amount to anything’! do people still say that? This is the worst era since the renaissance to say such a thing. It is a great thing to attend university and have a degree. It is a greater thing to gain relevant knowledge and pursue a worthy purpose or vision.

Anyone who can utter such statement (the first sentence in this piece) is a person who clutches dearly the dogma that states: ‘with a degree in hand, the door of success (or should we say survival) open for you’. in this age, we know that is not true anymore. It probably was true in the good old days. We are now in the dangerous spontaneous days.

If amounting to anything means having a lot of money, we know that the richest man for many years in the recent past does not have a degree. If it means rocking the world of music, we know Lady Gaga does not have a degree. If it means being consistent in your profession for decades upon decades, we know King Sunny Ade does not have a degree. If it means espousing the fundamental issues of leadership,....unfortunately I have a degree!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Examination vs Real Competence

It is my belief that some people do not perform excellently in school (university or other educational institution) because examinations, which are the criteria for evaluation in school, do not motivate them for performance. Exams do not really task their capabilities. They do not find exams enough condition to really lay demand on their capabilities.
For them, real situations of life are what lay adequate demand on their abilities. When they find themselves in actual and real-life conditions, their capabilities begin to unlock. Their counterparts whose capabilities were easily unlocked by examinations sometimes may not match their performance in real-life situations. In fact, it is my opinion that anyone whose potentials are easily unlocked by examinations but manifests a clear shortfall in performance in real situations possesses an artificial and faulty perspective of life.